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Important Dates for Fall 2017 New Students 






All day

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Health Check / ARC application

4F Conference Hall, Front Building




Safety training course I

Room 2101 (Graduate students only)


Safety training course II

Room 2101 (Graduate students only)




Fill out personal information

Computer Lab B, Auditorium Building








B1, Back Building


Workshop: Work permit, NHI & ARC /
 Dorm regulation

Room 2101


Open bank account / cellphone

Room 2101



Workshop: Laws & regulations /
Student Counseling Center

Room 2102 /
Computer Lab B, Auditorium Building


Welcome lunch

Pizza Hut 2F, No.341, Sec.4, Zhongxiao E. R. (Exit 5, MRT S.Y.S. Memorial Hall)


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Course add and drop period

Course selection system

Immigration Information

There are two types of visas. Preferably, you will get resident visa. International students must enter Taiwan with a visitor visa or resident visa. 
No visa-exempt entry or landing visa. 
1. Visitor visa -> Resident visa -> ARC 
2. Resident visa -> ARC 

* Start your visa application here

Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) Form 
Students entering Taiwan with resident visa must apply for ARC within 15 days of arrival (NT$1000/year). 

Taiwan ID Number Form 
Students entering Taiwan with visitor visa (cannot apply for ARC right away) should apply for Taiwan ID number for banking or cell phone service.

Health Check 

1. TMU health check (NT$800) is required for all new students. 
2. Type B health check (NT$1870) is required for resident visa application. Students who enter Taiwan with visitor visa need to apply for resident visa after arrival. 
*Students who do not come at the appointed time will not get the discount price for health check.
*Original & copy of your passport, 2 passport photos and a small fee will be needed on the day of your health check.

Registration Checklist 

New students will need the following documents to complete registration:  
1. TMU Health check. 
2. Complete personal information online (log in here), print out and attach 2-inch photo. 
3. Proof of financial support, i.e. scholarship award letter or statement issued by a bank. 
4. Proof of 6-month overseas medical insurance or you can purchase upon registration, NT$3,000 for 6 months. 
5. Authenticated diploma and transcript. 

Medical Insurance by Cathay Life Insurance 
Insurance Policy (En) 
Insurance Claim Form (Ch)

National Health Insurance 

Enrolled students are required to join Taiwan National Health Insurance for NT$749/month (prices are subject to change without notice) from 7th month in Taiwan. New students who would like to transfer their National Health Insurance under TMU should notify the Office of Global Engagement.

TMU International Student Dormitory 

NOTICE:The results of TMU International Student Dormitory bed allocation is already announced through the System (http://ioadmission.tmu.edu.tw/foreign).
Qualified applicants should login to the System and check "Dormitory Application Status". There will be a question "Accept or decline TMU dorm arrangement", which you must respond
by August 13, 2017, or it will result in automatic disqualification.

Application link : http://ioadmission.tmu.edu.tw/foreign 
(Log In → Enrollment Procedure → 4. International Student Dormitory Application) 
Application period (Taiwan Standard Time) :
  Start date : 14:00 July 25, 2017
  End date :   23:59 July 30, 2017 
TMU offers several off-campus International Student Dormitories, all furnished with internet access. 
Monthly rent ranges from NT$ 6,000-9,500 (depending on room type) plus Other Utilization Fees. 
Notes :
1. TMU is NOT able to arrange or provide accommodation for couples or families.
2. The Applicant should understand the provisions as stated in the relevant Regulations and Enforcement Rules. Application will imply that the applicant had agree to all the terms & conditions.
3. Students are NOT guaranteed housing placement, preferred dormitory, room type, room rate, or roommates. The results are announced by the Office.
4. For more dormitory information, please Click Here.

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